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May 29, 2013
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Jeff X Reader: Love Is A Bloody Knife.
Part Four:

Jeff’s p.o.v. –
So, the bathroom was easily breached but balancing on the window ledge and landing on the bathroom floor quietly was more difficult than I expected, but because of my amazing agility, I landed without a hint of noise or suspicion. I opened the bathroom door and made my way across the landing, avoiding the creeks in the floorboards: I’ve seen (name) do this soo many times before. Inch by inch, I opened the door to her bedroom, and there she was.
Sat against a wall in her night blackened room was (name) with her (hair colour) hair tied back in a low, loose ponytail. Her face was lighted up by her laptop that sat on her knee; her headphones were plugged in and from where I was stood, I could hear her music. Suddenly, she pressed her headphones tight towards her head and turned the volume up while getting lost in the music. I wouldn’t connect her to that type of music, but hey, not my choice.
Right now is the calm before the storm.
(Name) removed her headphones while muttering something, stood up and walked directly past me and into the bathroom.
Oh shit! I didn’t close the window! What is wrong Mr Sneaky? Losing your touch? C’mon Jeff, buckle up!
I worried about the window but (name) seemed to be in a world of her own, so hopefully no suspicion aroused. While she’s in there, I’ll have to hide in her room; behind the curtains is too obvious, but if I hide behind her, she’ll see me in the reflection on her laptop screen. I think I’m best off just standing in front of her, shrouded in the shadows, like the brilliant stalking killer I am. No! Wait! Good old fashioned behind the door spot: what a genius! I’ll just have to be still when she closes the door. Speak of the devil.

Your p.o.v. –
Finally, some time on my own, oh how I’m grateful. This is my favourite part of the song! And I’m back, but I wish the music would stop buffering. Well, you can’t have it all…
What? I can’t believe it’s that late already – I better go and brush my teeth and get ready for bed. I’m not too tired but if I get ready now, I’ll be ready later.
I’ll just let this song finish. “Effort” I sighed as I had to get up and get ready. The landing creaked when I crossed it and entered an unusually cold bathroom. I must have left the bathroom window open, though I don’t remember opening it. No – now is not the time to be paranoid. Shut up and brush your teeth, (name), you’ll be fine. Just count to ten again. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Right.
Teeth brushed, face washed – ready for bed. I’ll just shut the window… I guess I’m a little tired and going to sleep earlier means I don’t have to sleep in.
I walked back across the landing and shut the lid on my laptop. I pulled back my covers and warmed up quickly in bed.

Jeff’s p.o.v. –
Hahaaa! My luck again! Slendy is on my side tonight. The girl just walked in and went straight to bed. Oh Jeff you sneaky devil.
Now is my time to move.

Your p.o.v. –
My eyelids felt heavy when I felt a sense of something watching me, but I brushed it off as side effects of the window being open.
My eyes shut as sleep overcome me.
Suddenly, I woke as a light weight sat on my waist and my arms were restrained by my quilt being pulled tightly across my chest. I blinked to clear my eyes and that was when I saw the horror before me.
Looming over me was him – Jeff the Killer. His smile was wide and his unblinking eyes were unnerving. In his hand was his infamous large knife, it was pressed against my neck. He bent down and whispered in my ear, “There’s no point in screaming. No-one can hear you. Now…” I didn’t let him finish the sentence because I know how it would have ended, so I kneed him between the legs. He toppled over in what I guessed was pain, and that’s when I jumped off the bed and ran for the door.

Jeff’s p.o.v. –
As soon as (name) was in a deep sleep, I straddled over her, one leg either side of her. I pulled her covers tight across her chest to make sure she could even try to hit me. I know it wouldn’t hurt but a little accident prevention now is forward planning later. That was when she woke up.
I looked down to see her horror-frozen face, framed by her (hair colour) messy hair. I put my knife to her neck immediately and was whispering in her ear when she kicked me in my ‘no kicking’ area. Some people, huh? It was highly distracting, not because of pain; who would want to hurt beautiful me? Next thing I saw was her getting out of her bed and making for the door, so I grabbed her leg and pulled her back by her ankle. She scraped her shin, quite a silly little girl really.
I threw her back onto the bed, where I think the clumsy broad bumped her head. I pinned her down, making sure my ‘targets’ were out of the danger zone and continued. As I stared at her, I expected her to start crying or shaking instead, she just looked to the left.
“Hey! Beautiful is over here! Now look me in the face before I cut out your eyes”, I semi-shouted at her, scaring the calm demeanour right from her. She looked at me and started shaking slightly, but still (name) stared blankly at me, one tear running from her right eye. We stayed like that for a while, until I took my knife and slashed her throat.

Your p.o.v. –
He dragged me back onto the bed and chuckled slightly when I hit my head on the wall. He held me down to the point where my legs and arms ached, then just looked at me. I could feel his eyes examining every inch of my body, judging me. I just looked to the left and tried to keep calm, until he shouted his fucking face off! Talk about issues! Not wanting to risk losing my eyes, I looked at him - it was like a one-sided staring contest, with his lack of eye-lids and everything. I think I began to shake under his grip and stare and I know my eyes started watering. Who wouldn’t be scared with an ominous murderer pinning you down? We stared for what seemed like an hour. Then he took his knife and tried to end my life, but somehow, whether it was adrenaline or pure luck, I covered my neck with my hands - palms facing upwards. Nearly severing my fingertips of both my hands, Jeff looked slightly surprised at what had happened. And then the realism of what just did happen hit me – I felt sick. As the blood poured from my fingers, I grabbed at Jeff’s sleeves and begged him “Why?” Why did he kill (friend)? He just stared back at me, a mixture of confusion, smugness and pleasure painting his face a peculiar emotion. He bastard killed her and I want to know why! Before I got my answer, my vision started to blur. No! NO! I can’t pass out! Not now! This smug prick will be the last thing I ever see and I can’t prevent anything. Shit! No!
Everything went black…
Part four. I apologise for the length of this but it took me all day to do (believe it or not) and I couldn't split it up I man, I could have but I said you'd meet Jeff in this one so yeah...
It has a bit of blood and a bit of swearing, so sorry, but I'v not put it down as Mature Content because it isn't too bad.
Hope you like it :D

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